DAY opens with Butler struggling in a demented crumpled heap on the floor before emerging into a new terrain. Like Baryshnikov with ballet, it’s exciting to see a riveting performance artist jettisoning their virtuosic past….. with staggering commitment and inner focus. “- Deidre Mulrooney, Irish Independent

Performed by Jean Butler and choreographed by Tere O’Connor DAY explores the ways we come to know a person beyond the narrative of his/her life.  Using a choreographic system in which the persona shifts constantly, the work weaves strands of affect, artifice and suggestion around the real performer. DAY questions how much we can know someone and if our projections constitute our knowing more than the actual truth. 

The work unfolds on an imaginative choreographic trajectory driven by states of being in constant flux of public and private, creating a liquid metaphor for thought. When is she, the performer, letting the audience in? When is she not? To what extend is the movement happening to her? And to what extent is she in control of the movement?

Performed by Jean Butler

Choreographed by Tere O’Connor 

Lighting and Design by Michael O’Connor

Composed by James Baker

Costume by Sylvia Grieser

Rehearsal directed by Heather Olson

Conceived and produced by Jean Butler

DAY was commissioned by the Abbey Theatre Dublin and co-produced with Danspace Project. DAY premiered in May 2010 at The Abbey as part the Dublin Dance Festival and premiered in Ny at Danspace Project in Nov. 2010

Michael O'Connor

Michael O'Connor